We’re Good to Go! Are you?

COVID 19 Good to Go Logo - in partnership with Visit Scotland, the national tourist association of Scotland

We confess, we are a wee bit canny* at Kilbride Cottage.  
Maybe you’re a bit of a feartie** too?
Well, that wee virus beastie*** is still out there, so we all need to do our bit to keep it under control. (see below for weegie translations)

That’s why we haven’t rushed to open immediately.  We wanted to wait for a bit to see how things go as restrictions ease across the UK.  We want to make sure we’ve done everything to make your stay as safe as possible, both for you and the local community.

So….we’ve now scoured the ever changing guidance, and followed all the steps laid out by the Scottish Government and tourist agencies.  We’ve got the “Good to Go” stamp of approval for our cleaning and disinfecting regimes (just let us know if you want any more info) and are pleased to announce that we are opening again in August 2020!

For your safety and ours, we won’t be back to full occupancy for a while though.  Initially we plan to leave 7 days between guests. That means we can leave property empty for 72 hours after each guest and before cleaning, and then leave the cottage a further 72 hours before your stay. 

👩👨 – if you are missing your family/parents in the area and are starting to think about a visit, or 
 🌄 – you are looking for somewhere for a change of scenery and a quiet, relaxing break, or
🏡 – you need a cosy rural hideaway, not too far from home and attractions, to recharge and reset after lockdown, or
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 – maybe you’ve just never been to Fife (really??). 
Then what better reason do you need to visit!
You’ll be supporting Scottish Tourism in 2020/21 and avoiding air-travel for a wee while.

Businesses and attractions in Scotland as gradually re-opening so you are guaranteed to have lots to do in Fife.  Over the next few days we’ll highlight some of the places to go, things to see and do in the area. All while maintaining a good social distance of course!

Once you’ve seen how amazing Fife is, and how lovely Kilbride Cottage is, you’ll wonder why you didn’t visit us sooner!

Weegie Translations
* Canny – Careful and a little bit cautious, as in “Caw canny, it’s still oot there.  If wur no canny it’ll come back and bite oor bums” – translation “We still need to be careful.  COVID-19 has been suppressed by social distancing, but is still out there.  So as we ease restrictions we all need to follow Scottish Government guidance to make sure we don’t give the virus a bridge to spread between people and take hold again. Please follow the FACTS campaign advice”

** Feartie – a person who is a little bit fearful or apprehensive as in “Come oan, I ken yer a bit of a feartie but it’ll be fine.” – translation “Let’s start to venture out a little bit more,  I know you are a bit apprehensive.  But if we think carefully about where we go, look for the Good to Go logo, and follow the FACTS advice then we’ll know we’re doing everything we can to stay safe, while we have a relaxing holiday.”

*** Beastie – any small animal, insect, creepy crawly, or viral intruder which either looks or is scary or dangerous, especially tae big fearties. As in “EEEEK! Gonnae get that wee beastie oot the hoose” – translation “Oh my goodness, there appears to be an arachnid crawling up the wall. I’d be eternally grateful if you could be a darling and remove it from the house.” 

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