the patter

A’ the patter is here!

Welcome to Kilbride Cottage’s new blog page.  (Well…it’s “new” for a bit anyway, and it’s taken us a while to get going!)
We’ll share information about the cottage and the area along with news about local events and activities .

Our intro post – Get yer Kilbride Cottage patter here will get you started.

Welcome to Kilbride Cottage’s new blog page.  ('s "new" for a while anyway!). Here, you'll find current information about the Read more
Fife is such an amazing destination.  And with all that water surrounding us, they’ve had to build 7, yes 7, Read more
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So, we're venturing into the world of the blog at Kilbride Cottage! .... a quick word of warning....... you might Read more

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