Ah! The glesga patter.. .in Fife???…….

So, we’re venturing into the world of the blog at Kilbride Cottage!
…. a quick word of warning……. you might spot the odd strange word in our posts……

Although we’ve lived in Fife for almost 20 years, we tend to use the Glesga patter, as we are not yet fluent Fife speakers. (“Glesga patter” = “Glasgow banter”:  Lively conversation littered with sarcasm and cheeky chat, usually used by comedians, salesmen or friendly folks having a dram in a bar. Or in this case…..holiday cottage owners!).

That’s because we are originally from the west – we are “Weegies” as they call us here in Fife (“Weegie – as in “Wee” = small, G = Glaswegian).

But don’t worry. We’ll translate as best we can just in case you’re not yet fluent in the many variations of the Scottish language! Occasionally we might not even realise we’ve slipped in to Weegie-speak (“weegie-speak” = Glasgow colloquialisms and phrases that are part of daily conversation in the West of Scotland), so just get in touch (or comment on our facebook pages) if any terms need further clarification or explanation. Equally if you can help us with some of the Fife lingo, please do!

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