about us

the weegies move to Fife

So here’s a wee bit about us. We are originally Weegies. (Wee-G’s – affectionate terminology used in the east of Scotland to describe people who hail from the west coast, specifically Glasgow.  Hence “wee” “G’s” as in “wee Glaswegians”).

We moved to Fife in 2000, after I got a job with a company providing customer/subscriber management services to broadcasters in Kirkcaldy, before moving to a senior role in Fife Council a couple of years later.  We were a little bit unsure at first as it was kind of near Edinburgh (there’s just a little bit of Edinburgh / Glasgow rivalry in Scotland!). However, we quickly learned that Fife had it very own identity, and actually Edinburgh was quite a nice place! We haven’t looked back since. The transition from city girl to country gal was very easy (especially as I had the luxury of having horses in the garden!) and we love life in Fife.

out of the rubble….

We took a leap of faith when the cottage next door came up for sale in 2018 and set about our first ever major renovation.  Nothing was left untouched! Well…almost nothing – the double glazing was fine. Everything else got the full makeover – the walls and ceilings were insulated & re-plastered, electrical wiring renewed, a new and efficient central heating system was installed, the old brick fireplace ripped out, floors were screeded and laid, bathroom and kitchen replaced, and a wood-burning stove fitted. 

6 months later we crawled out from the rubble and dust. The carpets and floor coverings were fitted, new furniture arrived and once the beds were made up and the towels and tables were nicely set, Kilbride Cottage emerged from the chaos.  We finally had a lovely, fresh home-from-home for holiday makers. It felt so cosy we did think of moving in ourselves!

our team…..

We were completely new to the holiday letting business until then, always being the guests rather than the hosts. I brought some transferable skills from a 30 year career across local government, private sector, broadcast and charitable organisations, mostly in customer service.  But for most other skills areas, particularly marketing and IT – well ….the closest I got was that I knew people who did those jobs!

We decided to let Kilbride Cottage through one of the big agents to get us started.   After some great feedback from guests, we decided to go independent in 2019 .  We’re now part of a growing number of holiday and accommodation providers encouraging guests to get a better deal by cutting out the middle-man/woman and bookdirect.

So when you book with us you’ll be dealing with our marketing department & photographer (that’s me), web design team (that’s also me), booking and customer service team (me…..), finance staff (yip, me again), and cleaning team (that one’s both of us!).  So far our teams have worked very well together. Well…except for the time when someone broke the website for a short period. Our hot shot web team (remember, that’s me), liaised with the eejit that broke it (unfortunately that was also me…), and some folk who knew what they were doing (that wasn’t me) and quickly fixed it! 

Have a look at our reviews – guests have without exception loved their stay at Kilbride Cottage.  And that’s why we do it. We love meeting new people and it’s great knowing you’re having a fabulous and relaxing break in what we think is the perfect holiday cottage and location. 

see you soon?

We look forward to meeting you at some point soon when you decide to see all the great places Fife has to offer, and of course book to stay at Kilbride Cottage, next to the two ex-pat Weegies!