4 tips to book direct & save

Shop Local – Holiday Local….
……500 miles away…..??

Check out our top 4 tips to book direct & save. We know you’re the kind of person who shops local whenever you can.  You like to support local businesses and sometimes save a bit by cutting out the middleman. That’s fine for buying vegetables, furniture and cheese.
But it doesn’t work for holidays does it?

Well yes it does – when you BOOKDIRECT!

– when you book through the big cottage letting agents, or online booking sites like booking dot com or Airb
…..then you might pay 15% , or as much as 40%, in commission, service, or booking fees ….. on top of the actual cost for the accommodation!
That means if you pay £850, the actual hotel/cottage/B&B might only cost between £500 & £700!


  • 😲 YOU SEE WHO PAYS MOST FIRST – The big booking sites pay the search engines (google/bing/etc) to make sure their site comes up top of the results when you search online. Even when you search for the actual property name!
  • 😲  YOU SEE THE PLACES AGENTS WANT YOU TO SEE: The big booking sites don’t show you all the hotels and cottages available. Algorithms decide which ones to show you, usually based on how much commission the site will get if you book.
  • 😲  PRICE SETTING: Some sites tell owners who list with them that they can’t advertise a lower price elsewhere. Despite the extra commission and booking fees on these sites. And that’s even on the cottage or hotel’s own official website!
  • 😲 LOSS LEADING PRICES – And if that all fails, sometimes booking platforms will offer customers a lower price than the accommodation actually costs. Just to keep you using their sites.  They then top up the payment when they pay the provider.

But how on earth do you find accommodation in the area you want to stay without using these big online travel agents?

It’s simple – just BOOK DIRECT!

Here are our top 4 tips to book direct and save……

  1. 👉 SEARCH BY NAME – If you see somewhere you like on one of the big listing sites, it’s always worth doing a separate online search for the name/location of the hotel or cottage to find their own website.  Check for any “book direct” voucher codes, drop them an email, open a chat, or give them a call – if the prices on their website aren’t already lower than the big agents, most will provide discounts for direct bookings.
  2. 👉 SKIP THE ADS – Watch out for those paid ads on search engines like google.  You can spot these by looking for the small “Ad” box next to the result heading. Go past the ads, and have a look for the web address that lets you know you’re going directly to the “official” accommodation site.
  3. 👉 STAY SAFE – If you are worried about security, then pay with a credit card. That way you’ll get similar protection as you’d get using the big agents.  If you also check for properties that have Official Tourist Board ratings, you’ll know they’ve been visited and vetted by the local tourist board.
  4. 🌟👉 SEARCH A BOOK DIRECT MAP 👉🌟– The great news, and our star tip 🌟 is that communities of hotel/B&B/Cottage owners have created some amazing new “bookdirect” maps.  Why not start with these when searching for your next getaway? 

🌟 BOOSTLY – www.bookdirectmap.com🌟

The brand NEW Boostly book direct map lists almost 300 holiday properties,
and there’s lots more to come. Have a sneak preview of who’s listed so far. www.bookdirectmap.com

(And if you want your holiday accommodation to be included in the map – click here)

There are also a couple of facebook groups with similar maps:

😍 Book Direct Map😍

Book Direct Map logo

The Bookdirect map on Facebook is US run, so has lots of accommodation in the States, plus some UK and EU properties too.


The facebook group Book Your Holiday Direct with the Owner lists lots of UK, Ireland & French properties

All these maps will show all registered accommodation with no added commission or service fees.  You just click straight through to the accommodation owner so you can book directly to get the best price.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy as us Weegies say!

Of course, you won’t need any of these maps if you are looking for the perfect holiday cottage in Scotland.  You’ve already found Kilbride Cottage! https://kilbridecottage.co.uk/bookdirect

Happy holiday hunting – and remember to #bookdirect!

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