pure dead brilliant man….

So, see this cottage it’s pure dead brilliant so it is, it’s raer – cosy, comfy, and has stoatin views, nae concrete, high rises or nu’in like that.

It’s in Fife but sawright, the owners are weegies, so you get a warm welcome an loadsa patter. Seriously, you’ve gottae book a wee trip tae have a look for yersel, an just chill oot. It’s a pure amazing pad man, an there’s mullions to do roonaboot there!

Translation from weegie to English: This is a delightful cottage, it’s really nice – warm, comfortable with exceptionally pleasant and picturesque country views, away from the city sprawl.

Kilbride Cottage is in Fife, and is run by two native Glaswegian, who typify Glasgwegian hospitality and friendly chat.  We recommend that you arrange a holiday at Kilbride Cottage so you can experience yourself what a wonderful cottage it is, and have a relaxing break, with lots of interesting attractions nearby.

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